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The Terra-Glide.

The Terra-Glide In Action.

Terra-Glide Means Versatility.

The Terra-Glide is versatility at it's finest. Balance Trainer, Ab-Roller, & Weight in 2 sqft.

Our Warranty Promise.

Who Is The Terra-Glide For?

Actually, we designed it for you! That is of course, if you are the type of person who is busy beyond belief, yet knows the value of staying fit. A person who wants not only an incredible fitness tool, but a group of like-minded people who will help them achieve real results. Gee, seems like we have known each other for years...

The Terra-Glide was also designed for people who appreciate quality and useful features. The kind of thing that makes working out fun and rewarding. Every part of the Terra-Glide was carefully considered and reconsidered. If it didn't bring real measurable value, it was tossed out. Our goal was to make the best piece of fitness equipment you could imagine. Let us know how we did.