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Meet stephanie

Stephanie Stephenson

Stephanie is an absolute badass! She has been a personal trainer for 10 years and currently works at F45. When she is not outdoors hiking or running she is hanging with her boys!

Meet Surba


Surba is an absolute legend. 50 years old and has spent 35 of those years helping people reach their fitness goals. If there is a secret to not aging he knows it!


"This thing is the ultimate muti use tool for home workouts. I LOVE the retractable wheels, rolling exercises are my favorite for core work!"


“Core stability work GALORE on this thing. The retractable wheels are a game changer!”

- Ellyn

"You can use the Terra-Glide a hundred different ways. The perfect tool to strengthen your core at home!"


"Versatility at its finest!"

"My favorite feature is the wheels! You can do knee tucks, pikes, Ab roll outs.. you name it!"